Being An Informed News Consumer

Staying informed about the world around you can be vital for being an engaged member of your community. This can also be important for helping you to make decisions about your daily life, political beliefs, and other important things. However, the modern era is marked by an almost overwhelming amount of information and entertainment options that can make it hard to be informed and knowledgeable.

Consume A Variety Of News Sources And Providers

It can be tempting to only use a single news source for your information. However, this can expose you to biases that could skew your understanding of important issues. Not all of these biases will be for nefarious purposes. For example, there are limits to the amount of information or coverage that a news provider can give to a particular story. By making sure to get your news from numerous sources, you will be better able to ensure that you are getting the whole story when it comes to important issues of the day.

Be Mindful Of Articles That Are Loaded With Emotional Trigger Words

Unfortunately, there are many publications that may present themselves as news, but they are intended to misinform or manipulate. While it can seem difficult or impossible to know whether this is the case, there is a fairly simple clue that may help you to determine this. If you notice that the articles or videos have a high number of trigger words and images designed to cause you to respond emotionally, this could indicate that the purpose of the piece may not be to provide accurate information.

Stay Informed On Local Matters

Individuals will be tempted to focus on the more salacious national news stories. However, this can leave individuals fairly uninformed when it comes to local matters and issues. For this reason, it is usually advisable to subscribe to an established local news source so that you can learn about the important issues facing your community.

Appreciate The Different Between Editorial Content And Reporting

Most news publications will have an editorial section, but it is common for readers to be confused as to the difference between the editorial section and the reporting sections of their paper. When reading an editorial, it is important to note that the writer is attempting to persuade you to their side of an argument. Conversely, standard reporting will not have this goal as its primary concern is to present the factual information of a story in the most concise and accurate way possible.